Friday, February 13, 2009

How Sleep affects Our Health

People in the provinces are said to live longer than people in the city. Socio-economic and cultural factors aside, some theories credit the health advantages of a rural lifestyle, less stressful. Others say it's the food, home cooked vegetables, fish and meat, fresh from the backyard, market, or sea. Bot don't ignore one other aspect, sleep. Rural people normally get a full eight hour of sleep every night. Sleep affects various aspects of our health, including:
  • Cognitive performance - Sleep helps organize memories, solidify learning, and improve concentration. Lack of sleep impairs alertness and affects judgment, reaction time, and recall.
  • Mood and mental well being - Lack of sleep has been linked to anger, anxiety, sadness, and mental exhaustion.
  • Hormones and metabolism - Important hormones are secreted based on person's sleep pattern. These hormones are affects growth, regulate energy and control metabolic and endocrine functions.
Inadequate sleep may also contribute to the development of obesity and and diabetes. It cause a decline in the body's supply of the growth hormone, allowing more fat than muscle to develop. It impairs our body's ability to metabolize sugar, making us more prone to getting diabetes. It may also increase our risk for hypertension and heart disease and cause a breakdown of our immune system.

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suvro said...


I am suffering from loss of sleep due to financial problems.I can see dark circles below my eyes.Suggest me something to get rid of the problem.

General Health said...

Good sleep quality can improve our health. To gain a good sleep quality you need a comfortable environment.

francis said...

nice site you got here. its all about health maybe i can contribute some since im currently studying nursing. if you want to contact me visit my site and i have a contact page there.thanks and more power to your site.and oh you should lessen the ads it takes time to load. and by the way.your hot and sexy in that pictures of yours. more power. thanks

your "Health Assistant" said...

suvro: yeah some us are suffering from financial problems because of the crisis, be positive enough so we can fight this problem, and for your eye bag try reading my older post about eyebag remedy

general health: its true environment also affects our sleep.

francis: thanks for your kindness to contribute on my site thanks in advance, goodluck on your nursing career, thanks also for the complements

thanks for all your comments godbless everyone

lunaticg said...

It is hard to find a good night sleep in city area!

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Oh, yeah, if I don't get enough sleep I get mental exhaustion... NOT a good thing!!

Hey, sure we can exchange links. I added yours, let me know when you add mine. :)

iceah said...

this is very true c:

Padmanaban said...

If you feel sleepy or tired during daytime, then there may be possibilities of Sleep apnea. It is the worst case and one cannot find it themselves. Consult your family members or your partner who sleep along with you regarding your problem. If you had Sleep apnea then proper care should be taken to cure the problem.

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