Tuesday, August 26, 2008

12 reasons of Teenage drug abuse

Drug use in anyone can lead to health problems but these can be so much worse for teenagers who's bodies have not yet finished growing.I know some people who use drugs every day that have a mental illness because of it,drugs damage the brains ability to function normally and process information normally. they affect the chemical levels in the brain which lead to mental illnesses such as psychosis and schizophrenia these are very serious and if left untreated the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia (such as paranoia, hearing voices, visual hallucinations, delusions) can become permanent and affect your quality of life. Here are some reasons why teenagers turn to drugs.

  1. Curiosity- They want to experience new things, too bad they want to experience drugs.
  2. Rebellion - Because using drugs is rebellious and its illegal and forbidden.
  3. Peer pressure - They want to fit in with groups the bad thing is drugs is involve.
  4. Copying significant others - If a role model is doing drugs, they might feel justified in trying it too.
  5. Experimentation - They don't realize that an cation today can lead to very bad consequence tomorrow.
  6. Feelings of indestructibility - Some teenagers tell themselves that they can control anything, that they can control the use of drugs, but many fails and turn to addiction.
  7. Forget problems - Teenagers turn to drugs to escape their problem with the environment he lives in.
  8. Increase creativity and productivity - Some interpret altered states as inspiration for creative ideas.
  9. Psychiatric problem - Teenagers with mental illness like depression or a personalty disorder are more prone to abuse drugs.
  10. Weight loss tool - Some drugs do suppress appetite, but addiction usually pushes the addict to place little important to health.
  11. False hope - Some teenagers who losses hope turns to drugs.
  12. Substitute to love - Teenagers who don't feel any love from someone turn to drugs and feel love by himself.




    Drugs may seem like innocent fun but I have seen first hand how they can destroy lives. I know a lot of teenagers probably experiment but hopefully they realize the dangers and stop there. Great post.

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