Saturday, August 30, 2008

Problem Sleeping? Maybe becasue of...

Why so many people suffer from sleeping problems? Other people doesn't realize that they have sleeping problems.Maybe because of work specially night shift workers, the appearance of big coffee bars, cable TV with channels that you cant count anymore, internet 24/7. How many times we choose not to sleep just to spend a late night with friends? or finish a TV program or a movie even if we are sleepy, or surfing and chatting on the Net? maybe this information on why we we suffer from sleep disorders can help us know why?

Nicotine: is a stimulant, so smoking in the evening is likely to make it more difficult for us to go to sleep.

Caffeine: Our brain cells produce adenosine, a chemical that serves as an off switch to slow down brain activity. Coffees, colas, chocolate, and other caffeinated substance blocks adenosine receptors, thus overriding the brains off switch for six to eight hours.

Alcohol: Taking alcohol to help induce sleep is a bad idea, Alcohol may help us fall asleep, but it results in light, fragmented sleep. After the sedative effect wears off (usually in 4 hours) there's a rebound effect that can leave you wide awake in the middle of the night.

Food or exercise too close to bedtime: Both boost the body's metabolism which can drive away sleep.

Irregular schedules: Mostly shifting workers experience this. Abruptly changing bedtimes disrupts the body's cycle. The result were wide awake when we really should be asleep and drowsy when were supposed to be alert.

Depression: People with the blues often wake up early and cant sleep again, a condition called sleep maintenance insomnia.

Stress: The most probably common cause of sleepless nights. It increases heart rate and blood pressure, raising arousal levels.

Check yourself maybe you fall with one or more in this list, no one can help you sleep soundly, only you can help yourself.



I probably do have a lot of these that are causing me not to sleep well. I honestly do not remember the last time I had a full nights sleep and I know it is so, so, so important!

Ashok Kumar said...

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