Monday, August 4, 2008

4 tips to prevent breast from sagging

Prevent your breast from heading south with this four anti drop strategies:

1. Keep your weight steady - Because breast tissue is made up mainly of fat cells, repeatedly gaining and losing as little as five pounds can cause breast skin and the connective tissue inside your twins to lose elasticity, making your mammary appear softer and losses over time.

2. Support your breast - A supportive bra in your correct size will take the weight off breast ligaments, preserving your twins firmness. Even with larger breasts it's still possible to keep them from drooping badly by keeping a bra on as much as possible - even in bed. Many sleep bras are comfortable and thin, while providing the necessary support.Whether you're an A or D cup, wear a bra with top notch support. And whenever you go to the gym, opt for a sports bra that's design like an regular bra.

3. Do some exercise for your breast - Boobs don't contain muscle. so no workout in the world will tone them. Bur by regular exercising the pectoral muscle that lies under your breast, you can create the illusion of a perkier pair and higher cleavage, Chest presses and Push ups are the move that will give you the best boost. But it takes a few months to notice results.

4. Surgery-Much further down the road you may wish to have a surgical procedure done which involves removing some of the fat from your breasts and inserting a tuck to bring them upward.

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dlysen said...

Prevention is better than cure, we must do safety precaution to avoid health problem in the future. Breast is beautiful especially for woman.

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