Monday, August 4, 2008

8 tips on how to prevent snoring

Some people when they are sleeping experience snoring, this because of fatigue from a busy day, irritability and some health problems. And maybe it can be a symptoms of sleep apnea a condition that when you are asleep your breathing pauses, than can conclude to heart attack or stroke. Aged people are more prone to this kind of condition

Here are some useful tips to avoid snoring:

1. Don't eat too much before you sleep - hard to breath can often cause by too much eating so avoid eating too much before you sleep.

2. Don't drink alcohol before you sleep - drinking alcohol before you sleep can cause for our throat muscle too relax that can cause us to snore.

3. Try to avoid sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and pain killers - These drugs include alcohol, sleeping pills, antihistamines, and pain medicine (especially narcotics). The drugs relax your muscles and cause the tongue to fall backward. Relaxed throat muscles may draw in from the sides and narrow the airway

4. If you are overweight try to lose weight - being overweight can make your stomach compress your lung causing lower lung volumes, more weight around the neck area can cause the anatomy of the throat to be tighter and cause snoring, ten percent on your weight loss are effective enough for you to stop from snoring.

5. Stop smoking - Smoking affects the airways and sinuses causing swelling in the membranes of the nose and the tissues of the throat. Smoking also damages the small vessels of the lungs by blocking them. The nicotine itself also can cause sleep disruptions that can increase the nightly snoring.

6. Try to sing 20 minutes everyday - sound funny but it can help our throat muscle to be strong than can prevent us from snoring.

7. Try to sleep sideways - people who sleep on there back are more prone to snoring.

8. Try to cure your allergy in your air passage - allergy too can cause us snoring and hard to breath.


john said...

that's very good info
i think i will put some my own blog :D

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elsa @ help stop snoring said...

Singing 20 min/day is a fun thing if you want to cure snoring :-)

sleeping disorder said...

Our body significant preventive maintenance at the cellular level. Shortage of sleep deprives the body of making its essential maintenance and increase the probability of having serious physical and psychological illness.

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