Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weight loss tips for people with different lifestyle

Weight loss tips are not a one size fits all, maybe my plan of weight loss or diet plan will not helped other person and his/her kind of plan will not benefit me and my kind of lifestyle. I could lose 20 pounds on this kind of workout but my friend gain more in this kind of workout. I diet or workout plan will only work for us easily if rhymes with our lifestyle. Everything from on how you exercise and how many times, the way we eat, what time we eat, weights, cardio, and others. Here are tips that maybe can help you maximize your weight loss or diet plan depending on your life style.

  • Do a 3 meals a day period if you think half a cup of cereal is a laughably small serving size. Cutting out snacks is an easy way to regulate your daily calorie intake, and allows you to have alarger meals.
  • Do a All day eating, if you always feel hungry if you haven't eat in an hour. When your body thinks it's starving, it stores calories. Doiling them out in five to six small, healthy meals evens out your blood sugar and cranks metabolism.
  • Try a Dinning Solo, if you easily lose track of how many house specialty you've had. You'll eat less when you pay attention to how much foods is on your plate and you won't feel pressured to order dessert.
  • Try a Social eating, if you have friends who are healthy eater or on a diets of their own. You'll be more mindful of what you eat when you have a supportive audience.
  • Do an early dinner, if you like to veg out in the couch after quitting time, It's better not to pile on calories when you wont have a chance to burn them off.
  • Do an late night eat if you are a night owl at the gym or can't find the time to eat before 7, If you haven't filled up with a day's worth of calories beforehand, it doesn't matter what time you eat.
  • Do a high-carb low-fat diet if you exercise four times a week or are prone to heart disease. You need whole grains fruits, and veggies to fuel your gym time and limiting saturated and trans fats will help safeguard your heart.
  • Do a high-protein low-carb diet if you want to knock off pounds quickly but don't love to go to the gym. Cutting carbs and upping protein in your diet helps you lose weight fast and keeps you fuller longer.
  • Do Cardio if you need to slim down for your next months beach party. In the short term, Running or other cardio stuff burns more calories than lifting weights, so you'll lose weight faster.
  • Do some Weights if you wanting big, lasting weight loss or need to break a plateu. Adding to your muscle mass take time, but it will up the number of calories your body burns even if you're not working out.
Plan your workout or diet by knowing what kind of lifestyle you have. Good luck!

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lunaticg said...

thank you for the tips. I am always doing cardio and weightlifting...
Great site.
See you around.

Jackie said...

Yes, the closest you can get to your own lifestyle I find is the best way to stick to any form of diet. I am not overweight and that is probably because having a bit of a problem with low blood sugar I tend to have 5 to 6 very small meals a day. Stops me snacking and keeps my blood sugar normal plus I don't exceed daily claories required for those who are retired and more sedentary.

Super Healthy Kids said...

Everyone is different! Some people do well keeping a food journal, while I can't. It actually makes me obsess about what I'm eating too much and backfires, sending me into a feeding frenzy.

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

Yes, cardio makes you lose weight more than weight lifting!! :)

Michelle said...

You're right, everyone is different. There's no one-size-fits-all! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw :-)

Mike Foster said...

All excellent tips, just need to find the best one that works for you.


James said...


It is quite true that there are various exercises for people who have different lifestyle. One has to pick that one that suits him and helps in achieving weight loss.

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cedar chest said...

This tip looks so good. There is lots of lifestyle that you find in the internet but I think this one is one of the best. I like that photo that you post. It is so cute.

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