Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's your Insomniac Sign?

Its already night and its time to sleep everybody in your house is already sleep, But you, you feel agitated and tense. Worrying about going to sleep and this prevent you from falling asleep. The harder you try the less sleep you get, Worst of all you begin to associate your bedroom with frustration, worry and wakefulness - anything but sleep. Maybe you have sleeping disorder here a list of common sleeping disorder that you may want to know.

Insomnia- The mother of all sleep disorders afflicts about 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men, according to experts. Simply put, insomnia is a disorder wherein falling asleep is a difficult as staying asleep. Sleep experts classify insomnia according to its duration and cause, and refer to three types: transient for example jet lag, short term examples are stress related may lass up to three weeks, and last is long term (may involve serious psychiatric conditions.)

Sleep Apnea - Don't let the funny name fool you people with sleep apnea literally stop breathing many times during the night while sleeping. Each episode of apnea usually ends with a loud snore, snort, or chortling sound, as breathing resumes. Anyone can develop it t any age although it is more common in men.

Narcolepsy - A serious lifelong, potentially disabling, and weird sleep disorder that affects one of every 1,000 people. The disorder is rarely diagnose. Picture this scenario: Its daytime but you can help falling asleep (on the job, at the wheel, wherever). You suddenly lose voluntary muscle tone and collapse for no reason. You sleep begins and ends with the most terrifying nightmare imaginable. You become temporarily paralyzed just when you're about to sleep or wake up. This is how to be a narcoleptic.

Restless Leg syndrome (RLS) - A fate you'd wish upon your worst enemy's, RLS causes crawling and twitching sensations beneath the skin, usually in the lower legs. These symptoms can sometimes be relieved by movement, such as walkng, unless you're sleepwalking RLS means countless sleepless nights.


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