Friday, October 3, 2008

Walk and Run to Weightloss

Walking and Running are the best basic way to lose weight we lose weight just by doing it. we lose weight even if we don't want to, because of walking or running. Here are some simple tips to elevate your walking and running exercise to a higher level to help more on your journey to lose weight more.


Walk consciously = Normal walking should be heel first, foot flat, foot off then toe off. Observe how noisy your feet are when you walk, it means that people who thread heavily don't use muscles to pull the weight of the leg. To make walking harder and more beneficial to your body, make sure you minimize the sound or impact of your shoes on the floor as you take your steps. If you dont walk softly, the impact will be borne by your kness.

Walk with the right posture = Hold your head up, keep your back straight, and your tummy tight. You should be able to breath with ease even with a tucked tummy. Also make sure that the length of your stride is comfortable.

Pump up those arms = Make your arms swing in a wider range in motion. Do arm movement variations such as raising your arms up and down or doing forward or backward puching motions. Move more of your hips while walking. Do variations, like walking on an incline or increasing speed or brisk walking. Do bobbing movements usning more of the calf muscles, or do a march by raising your knees higher as you walk.

Quick Tip - Carry some weights. A set of dumbbells or two water bottles about 2 lbs each
would be ideal. Try wearing ankle weights as well. These will make you sweat in a shorter period and help the entire body work out too.


Do the high knee sprint move = Have a go at jogging with knees then sprint. After a while, do he high knee jog again, and then sprint again. Try a variety of strides to find the most comfortable while moving fast. You should be moving smoothly rather than thumping the ground.

Vary places = Find tracks in different terrains or landscapes. Get out in the field. Go to a golf course, but avoid running on concrete road, as this surface, is too stressful in the joints. If you're using a treadmill, increase the incline to make the workout harder. It may also help build up your speed for when you go running outdoors.

Quick Tip - Wear good running shoes. Most shoes will not last for more than half a year. Using them in longer than that may increase your risk of injury.




I am not much of a runner but do enjoy a nice brisk walk. I need to follow some of your advice on posture, etc. Great post!

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