Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tired? Feeling Lazy? Overcome those by...

All of us feel tiredness specially from a busy day, but sometimes we feel we don't have the energy to do our usual activities despite a good night sleep. And sometimes we do a relaxing activity we don't feel refreshed. Fatigue or tiredness is often due to a number of causes, oftentimes to a combination of them, psychological causes like depression and stress, physical causes like over or underweight, and lifestyle habits like sleep disorder and night shift. Here are some tip to overcome tiredness and being lazy.
  • Take a more comfortable lifestyle = Evaluate yourself. Take note of the things that makes you feel tired, including problems and pressures at home and at work. Discuss with your family what can be done to get over those pressures. Is it all work for you? People aren't machines, some time for yourself is necessary. Learn relaxation techniques and stress management.
  • Get some enough sleep = Try to go to bed and get up more or less a the same time daily. Don't nap during the day so that when bedtime comes, you'll be drowsy. Don't focus on your inability to sleep. Try to have a bedtime ritual that will signal your body to sleep, such as reading a boring book or listening to slow music. Of course, your room or bed should be comfortable.
  • Do your best to achieve your ideal body weight = For the obese, weight loss should be gradual around two to five pounds a month. Don't go go on a crash diet. A balanced diet with less calories per day is best. Exercise is a healthy way to lose weight. Thin people must build body mass by increasing calorie intake. Gaining muscle strength is important.
  • Exercise regularly = Convince yourself to exercise. If you have been a lazy boy or a couch potato the past several months, start with 15 minutes of walking a a faster face than usual at least four times a week but preferably daily. In time, increase your speed and prolong the duration to 30 minutes. Other forms of aerobic activity = treadmill walking, biking, dancing, swimming, basketball and other sports will also help.
  • Consult your doctor = if still tiredness persists, your doctor can check if you are suffering from depression or other psychological, physical, and medical conditions.


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