Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Healthy Food Fruit Drinks

Orange juice.Image via Wikipedia Here are some list of healthy food drinks that has been making news on the Internet for some time now. just refreshing this good health information. If you love juices, this is for you, do try these out.

Ginger plus Apple plus Carrot
Helps to boost and cleanse our system.

Celery plus Apple plus Cucumber
Helps to prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate stomach upset and headache.
Carrot plus Apple plus Tomato
Helps to improve skin complexion and eliminate bad breath.

Bitter gourd plus Apple plus Milk
Helps to prevent bad breath and reduce internal body heat.

Orange plus Ginger plus Cucumber
Helps to improve skin texture and moisture and reduce body heat.

Pineapple plus Apple plus Watermelon
Helps to dispel excess salts and nourish the bladder and kidney.

Apple plus Cucumber plus Kiwi
Helps to improve skin complexion.

Carrot plus Apple plus Pear plus Mango
Helps to clear body heat, counteract toxicity, lower blood pressure and fight oxidization

Honeydew plus Grape plus Watermelon plus Milk
Helps to increase cell activity and strengthen body immunity.

Papaya plus Pineapple plus Milk
Helps to improve skin complexion and metabolism.

Banana plus Pineapple plus Milk
Helps to prevent constipation

Make you own healthy food drinks
  • Combine your chosen fruits that you want to juice wash then thoroughly
  • Remove the parts of the fruit that is not needed skin, stems, and pits
  • cut the fruit into small pieces
  • Place the combined fruits that you chose into the blender
  • Add Milk and Ice then start the blender for at least 10 seconds
  • Pour it into glass and that's it
  • Serve fruit juice immediately for freshest taste and highest vitamin content.
  • A healthy food drink shake


Lucy Jones said...

Pomegranate juice is also a really healthy fruit drink with tons of nutrients and vitamins. Thanks for a super list - all of the juices are well worth trying.


These look delicious and I am glad that you put what each does for us so I can decide which to use. Brilliant post and very useful!

your "Health Assistant" said...

Thank you for my comments you make my day happy!

Veggie Hater said...

Great Post. I am a Veggie Hater so i substitute fruits for alot of the veggies we should eat. lol

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