Friday, November 14, 2008

Tips to Maximize your Immunity

Immunity Tip #1. Exercise Exercise Exercise - I have to write it three times and hope it sink in our minds i know sometimes we tend to be lazy in doing some exercise, but for our own good we have to do it. Daily moderate exercise has been linked to a temporary boost in production of macrophages, the cells that attack bacteria, so remember to keep active. But be warned - studies have shown that during the intense physical exercise, your body produces cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which can cripple your immune system big time. so some good news we don't need be so active in exercise that we do it too much. So try to to do what your body can do do not force it. If you're beginning to feel run down, take a few days off to let your body make a full recovery.

Immunity Tip #2. Flow your energy free - When you have a free time try to visit a acupuncturist to give your Chi a wake up call. Treatment involves the insertion of the needles into acupuncture points along the body's meridians, this help to clear your energy blockages and encourages the flow of Chi or "life energy." In a nutshell, it tells your immune system to snap into action and start depending itself

Immunity Tip #3. The Pressure Points - There's an acupressure found in the webbing of your hand between your thumb and index finger that, when massaged, is known to relieve the symptoms of headaches and sinus problems. So how does it work? This point correspond to and stimulates the lymphatic system, which produces your body's immune cells. It's recommended that you avoid this exercise if you're pregnant though, as stimulation in this area can cause premature contractions of the uterus.

Immunity Tip #4. Clean-up your Room - Clean-up your from dust, disinfect your room with a home made spray, that won't leave you feeling light headed. Mixed one cup of water, one cup of vinegar, two teaspoons of liquid soap made of vegetables oil, and 25 drops of essential oils (eucalyptus or tea tree). Decant the mixed into old spray bottle, and spray it to your room.

Immunity Tip #5. Give some room for Mushrooms - Shitake mushrooms contain infection fighting lentinan, and hot liquid prevents viral infections (think sore throats) from taking hold, so mushroom soup is a great way to eat them. Fry a handful of sliced mushrooms in a teaspoon of butter for a couple of minutes. Add two tablespoons of flour, stir to paste, and gradually add two and half cups of milk and chicken stock cube. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, and simmer for 10 minutes, and you have your mushroom soup.

Immunity Tip #6. Silly for Chili - Beat cough, colds and even flu by cooking with cayenne pepper, a natural body warmer and immunity booster. Add pinch to soups and casseroles, or if you're not big on spicy foods, try a supplement in capsule form, available in health food stores.



Love these tips. Do you think on the mushrooms I could do vegetable stock instead of chicken since I am a vegetarian? Also, I need to look into the acupuncture!

The Fitness Diva said...

These are great tips! Exercise is easy for's my job! And I love mushrooms.
Could keep the room a bit cleaner on certain days, though!

Love the post!

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