Thursday, September 11, 2008

Benefits of Raw Food Diet to our Health

After a big feast or other heavy meals, we usually push back from the table, yawn and feel so tired we're impelled to take a snooze. We put that tired feeling down to overeating, and that's a part of it. But there's a further explanation. When we feed on cooked food, the body fights back. The stomach and intestinal tract reacts to the mass of cooked food by rushing white blood cells to the scene resulting to swelling and bloating. The temperature in the localized area rises and a fever develops. In case you didn't recognized this reaction, it is the same one the body exhibits in the presence of an infection and around a tumor.

Cooking destroys all the living digestive enzymes in food. The body is forced to secrete an extra supply of digestive enzymes in order to process the dead mass. Research in Europe tells us that the body reacts in the same way when just part of the meal is eaten raw- if the cooked food is ingested first. However, if we first eat some raw foods before consuming the cooked portion of the meal, the reaction does not occur.

Very few foods are not good for us in their raw state. Raw potatoes are just not tasty, even though their nutritional value is high. raw beans contain a protein like substance which can cause indigestion. Raw eggs eggs white contain another protein like element which inhibits the absorption of important B vitamins.

But it's delightful to begin a meal with a big salad of leafy greens and raw vegetables. Make sure your salad contains shredded carrots, garlic green or red bell peppers, hot peppers radishes and onions along with dark leafy lettuces, Spinach is one of the best. Dress your salad with linseed oil and cottage cheese based salad dressing and give your long suffering stomach a rest.


Mike Foster said...

That salad looks awesome...and I actually don't mind raw potatoes.
Lots of good stuff in this post (and blog)

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Andrew said...

Go with raw foods. They've completely changed my life and relieved the diseases I suffered from.


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