Friday, September 12, 2008

Healthy Hair Care tips for your kids

Here are some basic tips to keep your kids hair healthy:
  • Choose a hairstyle for your kids that is easy to maintain. If you must use a blow dryer, keep the low and direct to the ends of the hair, not the scalp to keep the healthy hair growth.
  • For Healthy hair care, Use a mild shampoo. It is less likely to have harsh and irritating chemicals.
  • Teach your kids to use his fingertips to massage the scalp to promote circulation. Your child can do this while shampooing.
  • Comb or brush daily 100 stokes in the morning and at night. This helps remove hardened oils that clog up hair follicles.
  • It might be tough to tell active children to avoid overexposure to wind and sun. Just be sure that after the day of play they get a good shower.
  • Wash or change caps regularly. Hats by themselves are not damaging to hair, but they can cause scalp problems if they are too tights of if sweat, dirt and grime have accumulated on them.
  • Keep an eye on signs of infection (fungal, bacterial, lice) and treat immediately.
  • Do not under estimate the stress that children feel. Allow them to share their thoughts. Be quick to understand and slow to pass judgment. Always be supportive and let them know they are loved.
  • Prepare nutritious meals. Encourage children to eat a variety of healthy foods. Vitamin E (vitamin for healthy hair) rich food like brown rice, nuts, wheat germ and leafy green vegetable, etc, for shine squash, carrots and tomatoes, etc for healthy hair.A daily dose of a children multivitamins won't hurt.



This is just what I needed! Both of my daughters hate, hate, hate me washing and combing their hair. It is like I am cutting their head off or something. I can never understand those kids who wear bows and cute hair stuff. Not my kids. I am lucky to comb their hair. Will give these a try!

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Thanks so much for the information and it was really helpful and I hope the aticle on healthy lifestyle will help you a lot.

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