Friday, July 18, 2008

Stroke and High blood pressure

Patient who suffers from heart attack are commonly half of their body becomes paralyzed, they call it hemiplegia left or right part of the body becomes paralyzed. The cause of hemiplegia ie stroke or cerebro vascular accident in medicine term.

Our body is controlled by two parts of our brain, the left part of the brain controls the right part of our body, and the right part of the brain controls the left part of the body. In cases were in their right part of their body are paralyzed the left part of their brain are mostly affected by heart attack.

High blood pressure is the most common cause of stroke, if a patient has high blood pressure, the blood are fast and heavy running through his veins. Because of this pressure of blood, the wall of veins are wounded, if the veins got wounded because of high blood pressure platelets and collagen from the body system enters the veins and starting to clog the veins, because of this clogging in our veins the blood cannot pass through our veins, the circulation of our blood will no be normal, this is why a person suffers from stroke.

There are anti-clotting drugs that can help, heaparin aspirin and dipyridamole are examples of it, they are effective in preventing clog veins, but in cases that there body are already paralyzed those drugs are no more effective in declogging the veins.

Physical Therapist can help patients who got paralyzed because of stroke, vitamin C and E are also helpful in patients who got paralyzed, For us to avoid stroke we must discipline our selves and avoid foods that trigger high blood pressure, like foods with high cholesterol, and stop smoking. Regular exercise is the most common way to help our blood circulate normally.

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