Saturday, August 2, 2008

Does high blood or high blood drugs have effects on sex?

People with high blood pressure are often prohibits fatty foods, salty foods, alcohol, smoking and lack of sleep this are only some of the things we need to avoid if we have high blood. But if the call of sex comes its hard for us to avoid it, but is it true that high blood and high blood drugs affects our sex appetite?

Some people with high blood say, there are side effects on the high blood drugs they take, One is the lose of appetite for sex. They said that drugs for high blood makes there blood in calm and normal condition so its also affects there sex urges.It may affect sex by having a lower sex drive. It depends on how high that your blood pressure is, because it may be unsafe. Make sure to ask your doctor on this one because the Dr. can put you on low blood pressure drugs. But studies shows that high blood drugs only affects minimal possibilities in sexual urges. You can ask your doctor on what drugs are good for you and the right dosage.

There own blood pressure is the main reason for this sexual disorder. People with high blood pressure are aware on there own blood pressure, they always know if they feel excitement that can affect there blood pressure, because too much excitement can lead to no good for a person with high blood. Once they feel this kind of excitement they also feel fear, fear that they might got heart attack, that's why there appetite for sex slow down. This is a psychological effect that affect our sex urges.

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