Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tips on How to Prevent Smelly Feet

Frequently we use to smell stinky odor when someone getting off he's shoes, Its very embarrassing if we are like that, we don't even want a person to be around you especially when he is getting off he's shoe we don't want to smell the stinky feet or the smelly feet and we don't want our feet to smell bad.

The bad foot odor is cause by bacteria, if our feet is always sweaty bacteria will always be there because they like it, active persons are those who sweat fast, like athlete's. In the case of sweaty feet almost all people are active that's why are feet sweat fast especially when we are have on our shoes.

Because of lack of air in our shoes it tends to sweat because of heat, this is were the bacteria's appear , and if the bacteria's start to multiply it produce bad odor on our feet, but if you have fungal infections it can also cause bad odor to your feet.

There are some conditions why we sweat, some are thyroid problem, hypertension, stress, and also the hot weather.

here are some tips in preventing stinky smelly feet:

  1. Always washed are feet with soap and water especially in the areas between the fingers of our feet, make sure your feet is not exhausted before you wash it.
  2. Make sure that before you wear your shoes is that your feet are dry, we recommend to apply foot powder before wearing your shoes.
  3. Aside from foot powder we could also use aluminum chloride hexahydrate sa areas of our feet that is always sweaty.
  4. Always change our socks everyday, use socks that are made in cotton that can absorb the sweat in our feet.
  5. If all this tips don't work better hurry too see your doctor for medical treatment.


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