Friday, July 18, 2008

Understanding Constipation

Constipation is a condition of the digestive system in which a person experiences hard feces that is difficult to expel. One cause of constipation is the irregularity of bowel movement. We need to poop everyday for us too prevent constipation. If a person needs to poop and he pass because of certain reasons, the large intestine gets the excess water in your poop, that’s the reason why our poop become hard as rock. Another reason why we experience constipation is the lack of water intake, water is a big help to our intestine in digesting are food we eat. Seeds of fruits like guava are also causing us to develop constipation. There are people that don’t poop in three to five days, it happens on people with busy work schedule or they just don’t like to poop outside there house so if they couldn’t back home in three to five days they will not poop until they get back home. Even though some people don’t experience constipation, whether they don’t poop for days, we can only say it is constipation if we experience a hard-poop.

Constipation relief and cure, For people who are experiencing constipation you need to drink more in your usual way of drinking water, add at least four to five glasses of water. Try some nutritional oil like flax seed. That does it for most people. Next, you can get magnesium citrate from the drug store and I don't think that could fail. Lastly, you could ask your doctor for some golytley. That never fails. It's what docs use to clean a person's colon out for a colonoscopy. Eat foods that are high in fiber such as whole grain breads, cereals, dried fruits, berries, orange, apple with skin, avocado, mango, broccoli, spinach, green peas, dark green leafy vegetables and dried peas and beans


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