Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Understanding Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a kind of disorder were a person suddenly having a seizure and becomes unconscious for unknown reasons. This is cause by the disorder of electrical activity in the brain of the patient that causes unconsciousness.

The most common kind of epilepsy is the one they called idiopathic epilepsy. Epilepsy symptoms of this kind of describes the abnormality of brain cell activity to a patient for unknown reasons, followed by what they called aura in which the patient looks like hes being electrocuted from hands to toe, it also affects the sense of smell and taste of a person who has epilepsy seizure. The patient also experience convulsion. but sometimes convulsion are cause by tumor in the veins or poison from drug.Some signs of idiopathic epilepsy are headache,dizziness and frequent yawning even though your not sleepy.

Children or adult who has epilepsy, can control the epilepsy by correct medication, drugs like phenytoin and carbamazephine are effective drugs in controlling epilepsy. For the dosage of drugs others try trial for the right dosage of drugs, the dosage decrease if the patient are not experiencing convulsion after two years. Cases of epilepsy are normally cured, but if still coming back try to visit an specialist for epilepsy to have a comprehensive epilepsy program.


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