Monday, September 5, 2011

Yoga Sessions @ 81% OFF

P1000 instead of P5300 for eight Yoga sessions at I-Yoga

Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Fantastic was not born with his uncanny abilities of hyper extending limbs and ligaments. He in fact, consistently attends yoga classes to harness his superhuman powers. Start the stretch to save mankind with today’s Groupon: P1000 instead of P5300 for eight Yoga sessions at I-Yoga.

I-Yoga is an exercise program that gives yoga novices the effects of intense workouts and sprints while having the revitalizing aura of a spa treatment simultaneously. Using harmonious motions, potential messiahs stretch and extend stress-soaked muscles to wring out pent-up worries and tensions. Consequently, I-Yoga also comes with a bunch of healthy benefits like fat burning, muscle toning, body detoxification, delaying aging, increasing stamina, enhancing balance, relaxation and preparation for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. For 8 yoga class sessions, the yoga novices will be exposed to mental and physical challenges from simple steady breathing exercises to trying to kiss one’s own elbow. Each one and a half hour yoga session incorporates theories and principles like energy cultivating breathing and yoga asanas. During the yoga sessions, bodies are strengthened and fortified from inside and out by working every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint and organ in a synergetic symphony of stretches and poses.

  • Facilitated by yoga guru Ayee Domingo
  • Beginner-friendly yoga class
  • Ideal for relieving stress and relaxation
  • Integration of physical practice with mindfulness
  • Keeps the body sound and healthy
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