Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweets are not for my Sweet

OK, so one of the hardest thing to resist is sweet. And yes most of us has sugar cravings. There are just some people who can't stop this and there are ones that ended up in sugar addiction. I myself is sometimes guilty of these cravings. But how are we going to control this very unhealthy habit?

One of the things that will help you to stop this is to not take sodas. Soft drinks maybe one of your favorites but you really have to stop drinking it. Soft drinks does taste good but they are just not healthy so just cut them out. Remove them from your list and you are definitely helping yourself.

Another thing is to avoid Artificial sweeteners. Why? Based on research studies, these artificial sweeteners actually increase your sugar cravings, they increase your appetite, and it has aspartame, known to be very bad for your health.

Try not to buy those junk food and take it home. why? simply because if you have sweets at home, It's so hard to avoid it. You will end up sneaking for that candy bar at night. Especially if in your head you know that it would be really easy to just walk to your pantry and get one. Now try to take home fruits like bananas, apples grapes and oranges. So whenever you are craving for sweet you have no choice but to grab one of these healthy fruits of course. Now give your body some time to adjust with those fruits and when it happens, Your body is now used to having those fruits instead of those sweet junk foods.

Keep a well balanced diet and exercise, this will not only keep your body fit but it also help the blood sugar level stable.


Wedding Singer Los Angeles said...

Sweets might seem like good stress busters, but we have to eat them in moderation.

ramaraobobby said...

Consuming Sweets and Sweet cravings - a very serious issue these days as there is a rapid growth of obese and diabetic patients worldwide. I too recommend your choice of replacing sweets with fruits as one of the best solutions to this problem. Also fruits are critical for maintaining good health.

Anon said...

Sweets might seem like good stress busters, but we have to eat them in moderation.

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