Sunday, September 4, 2011

LASIK Laser Eye Treatment valued at P75,000 @ 50% OFF

See the world crystal clear with Customized LASIK Laser Eye Treatment at QC Eye Center (valued at P75,000)

Raise your hand if you haven’t absentmindedly slept with your contact lenses on or if you have not forgotten where you put your eyeglasses at least twice. More often than not, this becomes a problem for people who rely on prescription spectacles for everyday clear vision. Contact lenses require extra care and well, thick eye glasses are just way too inconvenient and let’s face it, not your favorite fashion accessory. But what can you do to achieve that perfect vision without requiring the help of bulky glasses or eye-irritating contact lenses? Thankfully, science came up with the revolutionary Lasik treatment, and though it has been branded to be one of the more expensive eye procedures in the world, QC Eye Center brings brighter vision closer to the bleary-eyed public with a discount on Customized LASIK Laser Eye Treatment.

Established in 1997, QC Eye Center has long been making the world clearer and brighter for Filipinos with eye problems. This expert eye center is the country’s leader in providing premiere ophthalmic medical and surgical services situated right in the heart of Quezon City. All of their doctors are qualified ophthalmologist with a degree from accredited residency training programs in the country. The center also has a team of more than 50 eye specialists and subspecialists all aiming to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality eye care available. QC Eye Center has been accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) and PhilHealth as an ambulatory surgical center.

Finally, you can put a stop to people calling you four eyes since kindergarten. See the world clearly without the hassles of prescription glasses or contact lenses via a Customized LASIK Laser Eye Treatment and Free Eye Screening at QC Eye Center, Quezon Avenue.
QC Eye Center’s Customized LASIK uses the most advanced solid state refractive laser in the world.
The LASIK Laser Eye Treatment is a painless procedure that gives results with minimal downtime and state of the art vision analysis using the iTrace vision analyzer.
Be able to swim, watch 3D movies and engage in sports without eyeglasses and contact lenses. Truly a life changing experience!
Treatment for both eyes will last for ten (10) minutes only

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