Thursday, April 15, 2010

I just eat another chocolate!

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Who wouldn't want it? a lot of people just can't resist even the smell of it. I am one of those people who is guilty of this but, i just got this news about how a simple brisk walk could reduce chocolate cravings.

Most of us know the benefits of different exercises and how it help people to manage their lifestyle especially those smokers and those who've been to different drugs. The researchers now has shown that this concept may be true for different food cravings.

In London, Researchers held a study for three days of abstinence, They asked 25 people who are chocolate fanatics to have a 15- minute of brisk walk or rest. A professor in Exeter University, Adrian Taylor tells that they were having a study how physical activities reduces cigarette cravings and this study is the first one that has linked exercise to lessen your chocolate cravings.

They all engaged those chocolate lovers to tasks that would normally induce their chocolate cravings. All participants who exercise showed a much lower chocolate cravings compared to those who just rest.

And guess what ladies this study showed that 97% of women experienced those cravings compared to men whose only 68%. Chocolate has active constituents that enhance our moods, that's why it may help us to relax, especially when were stressed. But eating chocolate might turn into habit. So you may want to take a brisk walk before you grab a chocolate.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Good to know but I don't think I want to decrease my chocolate cravings :D

Kay | Window Cling Printing said...

This is really interesting I wonder if this only applicable to chocolates? Because i would really consider doing it :) And I would love the idea more if I can reduce my food intake if I will do it :)

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