Friday, April 23, 2010

Milk or Fitbone tech?

Have you ever thought of being taller? A lot of my friends would love to be taller. Lucky for me I'm tall enough for my age..... i guess. There are ways to be taller, There are operations that will help you to add more height.

A good example is The Fitbone technology.

Fitbone Technology was originally intended to correct shortened or deformed limb bones caused by injury, disease or other causes like congenital defect. Today, it is the latest technology in limb lengthening and strengthening. Through this technology, an individual can gain up to 180 mm in height in about six months.

The Fitbone procedure is much safer to use and simpler to perform compared to the conventional bone extension surgery methods known today. Unlike the external frame that is bulky and seen on the outside, the Fitbone is placed intramedullarily or inside the bone. Fitbone uses a steel implant that gradually lengthens when activated by a wireless control unit. The device is inserted into the hollow of a bone that has been cut crosswise. The device, activated by the remote control unit, increases in length at 1 mm a day. The bone's cut ends grow and fuse eventually.

But if you're still young, then you don't need Fitbone a simple balanced diet would be perfect. If you're small and your afraid that your kids will inherit your genes, then try to give them a well balanced diet.

milk is high in calcium, Vitamin b and protein, Enough sleep is also needed because this will increase growth hormone to make them taller. It's really our choice to make our children and ourselves taller naturally or not.


Kay | Folded Postcards said...

Wow, I really wish I could be taller, I have taken vitamins to make me taller but I don't think it is effective, I don't know up to what age can milk help in growth, but I hope that milk can still help me.

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