Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prevent Skin Aging Early with this helpul tips

As we age, Our skin changes and wrinkles are on their way. We all know that most of us doesn't want to have one. but soon we're going to have one or two or even more. But there are ways on how we can maintain a healthier younger looking skin before it even starts.

1. Increase Vitamin E consumption- This vitamin is known to fight free radicals that damaged our skin due to aging. Vitamin goes well with Vitamin c to prevent the formation of wrinkles
Although, you have to consult a doctor before taking any other supplements and the right amounts of vitamins.

2. Vitamin c enriched creams - Creams that has vitamins c can actually strengthens collagen cells, these cells prevents wrinkles and sagging of our skin due to free radicals from UV rays. And as we age the elasticity of our skin decreases so learn to moisturize.

3. Veggies are good- eat your vegetables. based on research studies, people who add vegetables,beans, olive oil,nuts and multi grain breads in their everyday meal or diet. Has prevented wrinkles up to 20%. Compared to people who enjoys meat, butter and sweets

4. Stretch- In recent studies, people who practice yoga for 10 days reduces cell damage which is good for our skin. Trying to reduce stress by a simple stretch can actually lower stress hormone cortisol that produces wrinkles.

5. Get enough sleep- Get enough sleep as much as possible. And try to avoid sleeping face down on a pillow. when you have enough sleep you prevent wrinkles and you avoid situation like this.


Nile said...

For women who might also tan, whether fake bake or real sunbathe, it is good after a bath to put on Vitamin E enriched lotion.

Some women do not have enough vitamin E and for those who are rough on their body, they may want to consult a doctor on the best regimen. Even some scars and aging wrinkles will not go away as easily.

By the way, I work as a virtual assistant of The Healthy Moms ( http://www.thehealthymoms.net ), the site is fairly new and I thought I would drop by some mom related sites to spread the word.

staceykephart said...

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I have been reading your posts lately, and I greatly enjoy the things that you write. You present so many different, useful things, that I have recommended your site to many of my online friends.


Viveca from FatigueBeGone said...

Thanks for the reminder to go get some sleep!!! Want my skin to be looking its best and for my body to be feeling energized in the morn!


shabnamahsan said...

Almond oil is good source of Vitamin E ,manganese & iron.Massaging skin with almond oil makes skin supple & glowing even in winter & prevents premature aging,wrinkles & blemishes

Myra Shields said...

If i may also add: Doing facial exercises. These are done by smiling a lot all day.

Pratishtha said...

Great advice. Thanks for sharing all the valuable information. I will certainly follow it.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

These are all great tips. Thanks for the info.

Fyzal said...

First time being here and I found the articles are informative. Will make a reference here with regard the healthy stuff.

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