Friday, February 26, 2010

Stop Allergies, Start at Home

Allergies are the immune system's hyped-up reaction to normally harmless foreign substances, or allergens. When these touch the lining of the nose the mucous membranes become inflamed, setting off symptoms. It takes more than pills to get relief. Some changes and fixes in your house as well as your habits are very important too. Here are some important things to consider:

1. Keep windows closed during allergy season, so pollen stays outside.

2. Cover your mattresses, pillows and box springs if your allergic to dust mites.

3. Use impermeable zip-up cases that trap the allergens. you may also want to remove wall to wall carpeting or plush rugs. Hard floors are less likely to harbor mites.

4. Don't mow the lawn or rake leave yourself - It can stir up pollens and molds,

5. Bathe pets more often during allergy season(if they go outdoors). Dogs and cats who roam through grass pick up allergenic pollen.

6. Consider showering and washing your hair- just before you go to bed. Otherwise pollen from your body and hair falls onto bed linens.

7. Don't wait till bedtime if you've been working outside. Take a shower, wash your hair, and change your clothes as soon as possible.

Considering these things can actually make a big difference to your everyday life.Take care of yourself follow these steps to prevent allergy


Viveca from FatigueBeGone said...

Allergies can also indicate that you are clogged up on the inside. Would be a good day to add a weekly juice fast day. For me it can also indicate that I need to ah hem clean up a bit more ... I have 3 cats, 5 dogs and a bird and that can cause a lot of dust and muss!

Silvergirl said...

I have a allergic rhinitis and i hate it, when i just sweep floor expect me to sneeze and sneezeeeeeeeeee

hey i added u in my blog roll check it

Grace said...

Thanks for the visit. Hope you are ok.

Allergies is really prominent especially during summer time. I got allergies as well so what I do is to get away from the causes of my allergies although sometimes It can't be avoided.

Heart said...

Poor baby to have that skin allergy. It must be itchy. I know how it feels because I got allergies as well. I am just so thankful that I am able to get rid of it by going to the derma and getting the right medication for me.

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