Monday, January 5, 2009

Food flavors that can fight bad breath causing food.

Nobody wants a Bad breath (Halitosis if you prefer the scientific name), we blame it on decaying food, dental cavities, and acid reflux.Today, people spend more than half a billion dollars for mouthwashes that often contain little more than alcohol and flavoring. A research has found that natural food flavors can save you from having a bad breath, from common foods that causes bad breath, here are some examples of food that causes bad breath and its counterpart food flavors that helps to minimize the cause of bad breath from this bad breath causing foods:

  • Garlic versus Parsley = The plants natural oils can neutralize the scent of garlic foods.
  • Coffee versus Big red gum = Germ killing cinnamon cuts bacteria by fifty percent.
  • Meat versus Mint floss = decaying hunks between your teeth are the main cause of Atkins breath.
  • Cheese versus Black tea = It rinses away proteins antibacterial properties, it also reduces stinky plaques.


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Great post! I like your tips!

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