Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 New Year's Health Resolution

Happy New Year to Everybody!!! I have list my New years healthy resolution that we must do in order to have a healthy throughout New year.

  • Exercise everyday To keep our blood pumping, an accelerated heartbeat is good for our heart, and sweat is great for our skin.
  • Never get drunk Even if its just family gatherings we don't want to feel awful the day after and our skin sometimes dehydrate from excessive alcohol intake.
  • Take care of ourself and develop open honest relationship with all of our doctors. In this way it will pay off in the way we look as well.
  • Take calcium vitamins regularly.
  • Have a Healthy skin that's clean, clear and smooth is our best beauty accessory. A glow cannot be fake. The next is a healthy set of teeth and fresh breath.
  • Go easy on sodas, iced tea and fruit juice. The sugars in these drinks secretly sabotage our diet, and sodas and iced tea add unnecessary caffeine into our system. Our best bet? Water. not only is it healthier for us, and its also free.
  • Learn how to take a power nap, pilots and astronauts do it, and so do Japanese businessmen on their lunch break so why we can't do it? i know we can. 15 minutes of quality sleep is enough to energize us for the rest of the day, just make sure to set an alarm to wake you up.
  • Do any kind of stretching or casual exercise at home, stretch when we wake up in the morning or while watching TV, play tag with our kids, or dance with the music on the radio.
  • And keep in mind that rest is just important as exercise.
Happy Healthy Hew Year to all!!! God bless Everybody!!!


talksmart said...

Hi. This blog is nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week award (week 142). Kindly visit the site and vote. Good luck.

Jeff said...

Happy New Year! You've got a nice blog and layout. Are you from the Philippines?

Bob Johnson said...

Hey at least I never get drunk,lol. All the best to you and yours in 2009!!

Barako Brew said...

Does "Check both sides of the road before you cross it" count as a healthy approach? ;)

Kidding aside, they say "Laughter" is the best stress buster. It releases certain hormones that enable us to be healthier, blooming, and would you believe, even sexually potent? They say enjoying a good hearty laugh at least once every 3 days is one of the "Fountain of Youth" elements.

Happy New Year!!

- Ez of

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