Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frequent urination a sign of a more serious condition

Some of us experience hard to urinate, maybe because of lack of fluid intake in the body or too much perspiration. But how about the person's who are experiencing frequent urination., people who always to go to the bathroom day and night, might be a sign that you need to see your doctor. Don't disregard your frequent urination if you feel your urinating than its used to be better go for a check up because it can be a serious medical condition and in needs proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are many causes of urinating frequently. One of it is the sign or symptoms of diabetes. If you experience frequent urination foe a long time maybe you have to consult your doctor. You must under go a blood test to know your Fast Blood Sugar or FBS. If your level of FBS reach 140mg/dl or higher you are positive with diabetes.

Another cause of urinating frequently is UTI or Urinary tract infection, if there is a infection in the urethra you will experience frequent urination, even though urinating small amount but doing it frequently.

Getting old is another reason of frequent urination because of weakening muscles of our bladder, urethra and pelvic floor may lower the amount of the urine the bladder can store as well as the ability to hold or properly eliminate urine.

Side effect of medication some drugs have side effect of frequent urination. Bladder problems bladder stones or inflammation can cause frequent urination and even cancer. Prostate problems, infected prostate also cause frequent urination. Kidney problems can affect the produce of urine. Radiation treatment, and even a weak heart due to heart failure can also cause as frequent urination.

So frequent urination is a simple problem that can be treated fast, but if you disregard it you may suffer for more serious condition and disease.


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