Sunday, September 14, 2008

Efortless skin protection from days work

A day at the office can subject your skin to stresses and if gotten worst skin cancer, you might be aware of dehydration from heating and cooling systems, ultra violet radiation from fluorescent lighting or unshaded window and prolonged exposure from photocopiers and other office machinery(not to mention what drinking several cups of coffee can do to your skin's hydration level.

The solution? Your first line of defense is a good moisturizer with SPF (sun protection factor) and antioxidants vitamins to help counteract UV radiation. If you sit by a window, ask to have a solar filter instead. If you're near a radiator, get humidifier or place a bowl of water on the radiator to help get some moisture in the air and keep skin more supple.

Avoid pressing the phone or cellphone against your face, a pore clogging habits that's a frequent cause of jawline acne. Disinfect your phone regularly, especially if someone else has used it.

Finally, don't stay glued to your desk all day. Revving up your circulation by taking a walk around the block or even the office can ward of greenish cast. Your skin will improve and you'll feel rejuvenated, ready to face another one on one with your computer or perhaps an evening out having your celebrity skin.
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Rachel said...

Great post - I had never thought about catching suns rays through a window, being a health hazard before.

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