Monday, September 15, 2008

Hypothyroidism do you have it?

HyperthyroidismImage via Wikipedia The thyroid, which secrets thyroid hormones, is responsible for our metabolism. The body's metabolism is responsible for respiration, sexual functions, bowel movements, and heart rate. If there is an excess production of thyroid hormones, these functions will be exaggerated. Likewise the body's metabolism will speed up creating a condition called hyperthyroidism. Meanwhile, hyperthyroidism is characterized by the lack of thyroid hormone production. Thus, people with hyperthyroidism have signs and symptoms like sleepy, feel cold, suffer from memory lapses, have slow reflexes, slow heart rate, feel constipated and have dry skin.

Heart palpitations and unexplained weight loss could be signs of an healthy metabolism brought about by a problematic thyroid. Do you feel any of the following?
  • You cant sleep
  • You get tired easily
  • You can't stand the heat
  • You eat a lot, and yet lose a lot of weight
  • You run out of breath even when you're not doing anything
If you suspect you have a thyroid disease, see your doctor immediately. This is a serious condition that needs immediate medical attention. But don't panic, treatments are available. You will be ask to undergo a thyroid function test, an ultrasound, a thyroid scan, and biopsy to check whether any growth is cancerous.

Some health tips Eat a nutritious and well balanced diet. Though the cause of thyroid's overproduction of hormones is unknown, it is still advisable to eat a balanced diet as a preventive measure.



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