Tuesday, September 2, 2008

12 signs of Teenage drug abuse

Last week I post the 12 reasons of teenage drug abuse now here are the 12 signs of teenage drug abuse.

  1. Odor of substance in breath and clothes - persons who uses illegal drugs tends to smell bad or unusual if he or she is smoking marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal drugs.
  2. Poor physical appearance - major changes in physical appearance if suddenly you find your son or daughter change in his physical appearance, forget to comb his hair, forgets to bathe and takes the fashion sense of other drug abusers.
  3. Suddenly covering of his/her arms and legs - drug users who uses needles always wear clothes that can cover there body wear the needles are been use. they wear clothes like this even if its inappropriate.
  4. Sunglasses is his/her best friend - Bloodshot eyes can be seen in drug abusers because of methamphetamine found in drugs.
  5. Mood swings - Something might be wrong if a bubbly personality starts to become withdrawn and humorless or a normally reserved person becomes loud and boisterous. Watch out for self-destructive tendencies.
  6. Unexplained loss of valuables at home - A drug abuser needs money to support his/her habit. His school allowance will not be enough.
  7. Recent adverse life event - He is going through problems he/she cant handle like parents separating, losing a girlfriend/boyfriend, or sexual physical abuse.
  8. School performance is getting worst - He/She is good student now getting failing marks. Discipline problems cause school authorities to call him/her in.
  9. Out in school - He/She is always absent from class and gives false excuses.
  10. Drug using group of friends - If his/her friends have a history of drugs or still using drugs then you should be very concerned. Look into the kinds of social gatherings he/she attends.
  11. Decrease communication with other family members - He/She stops communicating with a favorite sibling, and he/she doesn't consult parents when making important decision.
  12. Repeated overt intoxication - Family members and friends actually witness him/her in high or exhibiting unusual behavior.

If you think your kid is doing drugs, don't panic, talk to him/her. Be gentle and non-violent or confrontational. Discuss the problem and how you can help. Make it clear that you are there to support and not to condemn.
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vijayakumar said...

your information is nice.there should be support from family to overcome problems like this.it is really useful to know whether one is using drug or not.

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