Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7 skin bad habits

Our skin is very important. It covers and protects everything inside our body. Without skin, people's muscles, bones, and organs would be hanging out all over the place. Skin holds everything together. It also protects our bodies,helps keep our bodies at just the right temperature and allows us to have the sense of touch.I have listed seven skin bad habits that we do and might do to harm our sensitive skin and some tips to avoid the bad habits for our skin.

1. Addicted to coffee - Coffee is a fantastic perk me-up; but having too much has been said to cause a variety of diseases. Also coffee's main component caffeine, is a known diuretic, meaning that its main function is to basically drain fluid from your system. and we know lack of fluids can be bad to our skin.

Tip: Try apples instead, they are little known as alternative to caffeine, which rely on to wake them up.

2. Addicted to alcohol - Consuming alcohol in moderation is said to provide some protection against heart disease, but it can do various unmentionables to your face. Too much of it constricts blood vessels, resulting in a splotchy-looking face the day after your beer binge.

Tip: Try an occasional glass of wine, and a face cleansing regimen that includes a detoxifying mask.

3. Lack of sleep - We all know there are many factors why we experience the lack of sleep and sometimes we don't pay attention to what it can cause to us. One of it is for our skin, it brings out dark under eye circles, and results in a blotchy complexion the morning after.

Tip: Try taking power naps in the middle of the day, if you do really have trouble falling sleep at night.

4. Addicted to smoking - smoking is the worst thing that you can do ever do to your skin. it not only dries it up, but exacerbates the appearance of pimples and wrinkles, the latter more than 80%.

Tip: Nibbling on a organic banana or potato chips to keep you occupied.

5. Lack of water intake - Not getting enough water daily is a known cause for premature aging. Dehydration causes dry skin and a sallow complexion that, when prolonged can cause wrinkles and infinitely more skin allergies.

Tip: Try to drink more water please its for your own good.

6. Too much make-up - Make-up and beauty products can do wonders for your complexion. But too much of it, specifically for those that are not hypo-allergenic tend to cause unsightly breakouts.

Tip: Try to use always a hypo-allergenic products, and always cleanse your face in the morning before putting make up and at night before you sleep. Exfoliate can do some good things too.

7. Too much Sun - We all know we can get vitamin D from the sun but don't over it, because UVA and UVB rays care seriously damaging our skin, and can lead to ailments to our skin like premature aging and skin cancer.

Tip: Try fake tanners if you really want to have a tan. best time for vitamin D from the sun is before 10 am and the best time to get tan is 2 to 4 pm.


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