Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simple Home tips to minimize allergic attacks

Preventing allergy specially in our own home is very important for our family's health and well being. Eliminate, as much as possible all the allergens you can, from your home, especially domestic animals and dust mites. Here are some simple home tips to minimize allergic attacks:

  • Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke, dont let anybody to smoke inside your house specially if a member of the family has an allergy.
  • Don't let an allergic person to have a excessive home exercise
  • Don't let an allergic person to experience stress at your own home
  • If the dust sensitive person is a child, avoid stuffed toys that accumulate dust. Use only washable toys made of wood, rubber, metal, or plastic and store them in a closed toy box.
  • Add an air filter to reduce the levels of allergens in your home.
  • Clean the room thoroughly and completely at least once a week, clean the floors, window frames and other parts of the house that accumulate dust. Clean it with a damp cloth, air the room thoroughly.
  • Avoid to use upholstered furniture and venetian blinds. because they accumulate dust.
  • Use only washable materials on the bed. Wash sheets frequently in water that is at least 130 F. Use Dacron mattress pad and pillows Avoid fuzzy wool blankets that trap dust.
  • Keep animals with fur or feathers out of the room. People allergic to dust mites often allergic to cats, dogs and other animals.
  • Remove fitted carpets specially shag carpets and replace with hardwood, tile or linoleum floors.
  • Repeatedly treat all removable carpets with tannic acid to eliminate dust mites.


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