Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4 Breast Facts

Breast is one of the most sensitive body part of a woman, we easily get anxious and scared whenever we notice something different with our breast. So here are some 4 breast facts and solution that we women should know about are breast and not to worry too much if we find something different with our breast.

1. No breast are the same size - In fact it's not unusual for a woman's breast to vary by as much as half a cup size.

Solution - If your set is more asymmetrical, buy a bra with a removable pads that fit your smaller breast, then take out the pad on the bigger size.

2. You don't have to suffer to sore boobs - The monthly breast tenderness that strikes the week before you flow shows up because by normal hormonal changes.

Solution - Zap the ache by taking 400 IU of vitamin E or a painkiller with ibuprofen at the first twinge of discomfort. Cutting out caffeine can also quell the swelling.

3. Eighty percent of all lumps are benign - If you detect a growth in one in your boobs, odds are it's totally harmless. Only 5 percent of breast cancer cases occur in women under 40.

Solution - But if you want to play safe visit your gynecologist.

4. Stretch marks aren't bad sign - It's common for these reddish or white streak to appear. after your skin stretches due to weight gain, pregnancy, or puberty.

Solution - In time, they likely fade, but if you cant wait it to fade there stretch mark medications out in the market or you can visit your gynecologist.

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