Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 tips for a youthful lifestyle

Obviously, no one can expect to remain young forever without old age eventually catching up sooner or later. Here are some good tips to stay young and fresh.

1. Feel good about yourself - By thinking good thoughts, feeling good emotions, and doing good deeds, you will radiate a peaceful and calm influence that will benefit others as well as yourself.

2. Exercise daily - Regular physical workouts of some kind, that are simple and easy to do, will tone up your whole body. By exercising more often, you will feel recharged.

3. Meditate often - Silence put us in tune with the infinite.

4. Live outdoors - Do as much living outside the walls of your home as possible. take a walk in the evenings. If possible, have a patio and spend time there every night in good weather.

5. Pursue pet therapy - It doesn't matter if its a dog or a cat, pig, turtle, gold fish or even a monkey, as long as you can love and communicate with them.

6. Live a simple life - It will keep the nervous system functioning smoothly.

7. Eat live food - By consuming as much as raw foods as possible, you will be renewing your physical body each and every day.

8. Find peace - Work in your flower or vegetables garden. There is much contentment to be found in working in the bosoms of mother earth.

9. Love people - Forget yourself and help someone each and everyday. Selfishness represents contracted feelings and narrow-mindedness. It also makes a person older. Caring for others make you feel young all over.

10.Be cheerful - Let your heart be filled with sunshine. It is better than any tonic.

11.Be closer to God - God can do things that nobody cant do thank god for everyday life that he gave to us, so he will give us more day in our lives.

12 Play with Babies - Playing with babies makes us feel young and happy


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