Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unlimited painless warts removal at 83% OFF

Only P499 on Unlimited Painless Warts Removal for the Face/Neck/Chest/Abdomen at D’ Spa and Skin Center, multiple branches (valued at P3000)

Get rid of all the unwanted warts either in your face, neck, chest or abdomen at D’ Spa Skin Center and gain the confidence only a smooth, flawless skin can give 

Get rid of the warts that crimp your style. There’s no reason for you to hide behind tons of concealer when you can be wart-free faster and easier than you think. Warts are commonly caused by viral infections that result to unwanted brown, dark brown to black bumps on various areas of your body. Though there are creams and home remedies that are available to remove these impurities, they can’t promise long-lasting solutions unlike aesthetic wart-removals done by professionals. Let the professionals do the job for you at D’ Spa and Skin Center, with an unlimited wart removal treatment for the face, neck, chest, or abdomen and be totally wart-free.

D’ Spa is a center dedicated to your beauty, health, relaxation and tranquility, with values that set them apart from other aesthetic centers. At D’ Spa, you can rejuvenate your skin and body with their selection of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and spa services! Dedicated to satisfying all your needs for anti-aging treatments and skin care products, D’Spa makes your ideal beauty achievable.

• Get rid of unwanted warts that hinder you to have that flawless-looking skin on your face, neck, chest, or abdomen with an Unlimited Warts Removal Treatment.
• The cauterization treatment takes 20 to 60 minutes per session depending on the number of warts to be treated.
• Five sessions, with a one-week interval in between sessions, are recommended for the total clearance of warts.
• Warts are viral infection caused by human papillomavirus(HPV) that infect the skin, causing unsightly, sometimes painful growth.
• Warts are contagious and these can be flat or raised and hard, soft or crusty, one of the highly effective treatments of warts is electrocautery.
• A topical anesthesia is applied on the affected areas and after 30 mins of topical aniesthesia, electrocautery follows.
• The procedure is safe and effrective, painless , hygienic, sterile and has no downtime.

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