Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dance your way to fitness at 50% OFF

If you’re always planning about losing weight, working out more, and finally becoming physically fit, now’s the perfect time to put thoughts into action. Going to the gym and pumping iron may suit some people, but if you’re looking for a more exciting fitness regimen, then we have the perfect answer: DANCE! CashCashPinoy offers you great fitness deals: only P250 for a Dance Lesson at Arts in The City! You can choose from 3 dance-style workouts: the exciting Bollywood Dance, Jazz Fusion Dance and Zumba, the latest fitness craze taking the world by storm!

Jazz Fusion Dance
This one-hour dance workout gives you a venue to explore different dance styles and types of music. You can expect that this class is never dull! The music and movement is an interesting and invigorating blend of Latin, Arabian, Western Pop and Indian, mixed in with the contemporary style of Ballroom and Hiphop as well. Definitely an exciting workout!

Bollywood Dance
The great Bollywood production numbers will be swaying right into your hips. Belly dancing is great exercise and helps improve your posture and coordination. Plus you can wear exotic costumes and jangling coin belts! It's generally targeted at women but men can also have a go.

Some say it’s not really a workout session, it’s a fitness party! A lot of women worldwide swear by Zumba, a Latin-inspired, calorie-burning and energizing dance-style fitness program. There’s a lot going on to keep your attention and to keep you moving and motivated. Classes are always guaranteed to be fun! So just lose your inhibitions, enjoy the music and move! Let certified Zumba instructors help you party yourself into shape!

  • Say goodbye to your boring workout regimen. Now, you can dance your way to fitness!
  • Get the chance to try out the latest dance workshops that are taking the Fitness world by storm: Zumba, Bollywood Dance or Fusion Dance
  • Classes are definitely never dull. Let the music and the movements energize you!
  • Feel your energy levels soar, you will feel healthier!
  • Sign up with your friends and have a dance (workout) party at Arts in the City!
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