Friday, July 8, 2011

Have a Healthy Voice

Voice is one of the important thing that we have, Just imagine if you have no voice, you can't speak, you can't sing, and even your laugh is totally mute. I have nothing against being mute. But if you have voice then save it, Learn how to take care of it, Especially if you are aspiring, professional or amateur singers. Your voice is your life.

Now here are great tips to remember whenever you are going to sing and how to take care of your voice.

- always remember to eat very light meal before you sing. Aside from you will unable to concentrate when you are full because you are full, and of course you will be having a hard time breathing, your tummy is bloated, the diaphragm, cannot move freely because of your full stomach, and when you burp and you have acid reflux, now that is really something. It will totally help damage your vocal chords

- drink lots of water the whole time, And take note of this, the water should be at a room temperature. not cold. Some people usually drink before they sing or after, but you should drink the whole time you feel like drinking, it will keep you hydrated.

- eat healthy food, such as lean meats, vegetables, eggs, not much of hot spicy food junk foods messed up with your throat so try avoid is as much as possible

- quit smoking, not just for your voice but for you whole body as well.

- do not drink alcohol, drinking dries up your vocal chords.

If ever you have severe case of throat problems just go check your EENT. So if your job uses voice, then save it. Nobody can save it but you.
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