Thursday, July 14, 2011

General Health Condition Diagnosis @ 50 OFF

Only P600 on a General Health Condition Diagnosis using A.R.D.K. (Automatic Reflective Diagnostic Kinetic) device at Remnant Health Care Center, Q.C. (valued at P1200)
The only time when most people would go to the doctor is through a serious ache or pain that won’t let them sleep at night. Some visit the doctor regularly to follow-up on a condition that’s been bothering them for some time. Sadly, the rest of the population who aren’t feeling anything wrong yet can’t care less about having a regular health checkup. If you’re not in any one of the first two categories, it’s high time you do something that would make you live more years. Treat a disease even before it can develop into one with Remnant Health Care Center’s innovative Automatic Reflective Diagnostic Kinetic device.

The Remnant Health Care Center aims to educate the Filipino people on the use of Philippine Herbs as the most effective alternative medicine in a time when Filipinos can't afford to buy western medicine. This alternative health centeralso offers the latest unorthodox methods of diagnosing and healing certain illnesses.RHCC works hand in hand with Remnant Institute of Alternative Medicine in their goal to disseminate alternative andnatural, yet effective, modalities in treating different degenerative diseases. 
• Haven't gone to the doctor for a long time?Don't let your body organs do the complaining for you, have your general health condition checked using A.R.D.K. (Automatic Reflective Diagnostic Kinetic) device only at Remnant Health Care Center.
• Remnant Health Care Inc. uses the Automatic Reflective Diagnostic Kinetic device or A.R.D.K. which is a non-invasive and non-intrusive instrument capable of monitoring the condition of all your body organs.
• The A.R.D.K. can diagnose health problems such as gallstones, fatty liver, heart ailments, reproductive illnesses or cancer cellactivity.
• This computerized diagnosis will also help you determine the condition of your immune system and will give you advise on what kind of cleansing programs and treatments you need to undergo.
• Knowing the root cause of all your aches and pains through A.R.D.K. will give you peace of mind and strength to face all your health problems.
• The A.R.D.K. is fast, accurate and safe for children and the elderly.
• The check-up only takes about five (5) minutes.

• RHCC offers other services such as:

   • Cleansing Programs:
   • Fatty Liver and Gallstone Flushing
   • Kidney Stone Flushing
   • Colon Cleansing
   • Charcoal Bath Detoxification

• Other alternative provisions:   
   • Myofascial Therapy – for spinal alignment and pain management
   • Ion Purified Detoxification (IPD) – stimulates all detoxifying organs to help body eliminate waste products
   • Charcoal Bath Therapy – for skin, kidney and muscle problems
   • Far Infrared Therapy – for all types of Reproductive System Disorders
   • Ventusa and Haci – eliminate muscle spasms and relieve pain

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