Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loss of Sense of Hearing

We love to listen to music, I think everybody has their own type of genre, But, does loud music can cause loss of our sense of hear? But we all know that sounds are obviously tolerated for many years. Now the sounds are very much acceptable, but of course the sound should also be in an acceptable or reasonable range. Have you been to a rock concert? Where were you located? Were you near those gigantic speakers? Why?

Because many youngsters nowadays may have some minor hearing problems after a concert. They usually have those temporary threshold, So recreationaly were exposed to a lot of noise. Employment wise, there are a lot of employees that work in an environment that is very loud, construction people, people who work with the airplanes in the airports, they have a fair amount of exposure sometimes, Now if the length of exposure exceeds the time that is tolerable, They could develop some hearing impairment.

Now how do you know if you might have some hearing problems that may somehow cause hearing loss in the future? Associated with this hearing loss almost always is the ringing sound that you hear in your ear which is also known as Tinnitus, and Tinnitus is a brain signal that the brain is hearing a sound which really a phantom sound because it's not there, and what it really is, is damage to the nerve in the frequency range that is outside sound that stimulates that nerve act.

So yes simple sounds that may be unacceptable might give us hearing problems in the future, so take care of your ears, we only have one pair.


Brain Enhancer said...

This post was very informative and helpful as well. You are right, nowadays, many youngsters loss their hearing, because of many reasons, one of this is they're always put an earphone to their ears with high volume. I guess this is one reason for me..

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