Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still skinny after eating a lot all the time

Are you still bothered with your sister, friend, neighbor who eats a lot but stays slim and never gain a pound? Here's something that you must read

Our body shapes and sizes vary because we have different metabolic rates or metabolism. The determinants of the metabolic rates are sex, the amount of exercise that we do everyday, age and the amount of muscle compared to fat. These are the main reason why our body shapes differs from one another. So don’t think that if one is so skinny, he probably is choosy when eating. There are times that our metabolism are affected by the hormonal factors or genetics. So no longer wonder if you know someone who eat like there’s no tomorrow, and stays very thin.

Males and Females have different metabolic rates, Women have lower metabolic rates than those of the men, and testosterone is the reason behind it. We learned from school that the responsible for the “manly matters” among their aspect when it comes to physiological is none other than testosterone. This includes the muscle growth. We also know that Women has lesser muscles than men, this is the reason why men has lower metabolic rates. Women have progesterone and estrogen as sex hormones.

When it comes to age, The children, infants and teenagers have higher metabolic rates, because children, infants and teenagers are the age groups that have active growth hormones. Now, these human active growth hormones are not given to matured adults this may lead to some problems. These are only given to children who are suffering from abnormal growing rate.

Pregnant women have higher metabolic rates and especially those breastfeeding, I so agree with this as I’m a living proof of how fast my metabolic rates nowadays. And to maintain these higher-than-normal metabolic rates, an exercise daily is such a great help.

Do you think that exercising in the evening better than other times of the day?

Doesn’t matter, There is no studies that prove that time does affect the effects of exercise in our body. The best idea is to exercise at your own convenient time. Try to do this three times a week and you will definitely see results. So don’t worry or don’t bother if your sister never gain a pound even if she eats like there’s no tomorrow. Metabolism differs.


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