Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Know the Risk Factor of Prostate Cancer

What exactly is prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among American men. It is a tumor which is cancerous that grows slowly and the tumor is consist of cells from the prostate gland and it usually stays in that gland for many years and slowly grows.There is no specific causes of Prostate cancer, but based on studies This type of cancer is not contagious. But there are risk factors or chances of having this kind of cancer, these are the following:

1. Age - This is the primary risk factor of all. As a man gets older his chances of having this cancer is high. In US alone, Man who has prostate cancer are males who's around 65 years and above. You seldom see it on men age 45 below.

2. Race- The most common people to have this cancer are Hispanics and African-American compared to Indian/white-American and Asians.

3. Diet- Studies show that there is a higher risk of those men whose diet are more on animal fats and meat compared to men who are on a vegetable and fruit diet.

4. Family history- There is a greater risk if one of your relative already has prostate cancer such as father or brother. Genetics or heredity is something that you can't avoid

5. Environment - Environment toxins, such as chemicals and industrial products, Men who is working in a polluted environment has greater chance of having this disease.

If you know that you have a high risk in having prostate cancer, or your high on risk factors, you have to consult your doctor immediately. But if someone have a family history of having this type of cancer, Well, of course they have


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