Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pregnant women with Diabetes should Monitor their Weight

It is important for pregnant women with diabetes to monitor their weight.
I just got a message from a diabetic friend that she's pregnant, so i did my research and send her this:

You should monitor your weight and food intake.

Drastic increase in weight approximately 6.5 pounds per month contributes to insulin resistance' while weight gain of only half a pound per week (or less than 2 pounds per month ) is a sign that you and your baby are not receiving sufficient nourishment.

you should receive a total of40% to 50% of your daily caloric count from carbohydrates make sure these are spread throughout the day. Low carb intake may result in hypoglycemia, while too much carb intake will elevate your blood sugar levels. Time and plan your day's first and last meals no more than 10 hours apart to avoid low blood sugar.

Choose food rich in complex carbs such as high-fiber breads, oatmeal, whole wheat and brown rice. Avoid refined sugars and sweets as well as instant noodles and processed breakfast cereals.

Protein should compromise 20% to 25% of your daily diet, limiting fat too only 30% (monounsaturated and Omega-3) Limit your sodium intake to less than 1/10 tsp per meal.
Evey pregnant women should watch what they eat, because they are eating for two. But Diabetic women should be more concern about their weight and food consumption.


Don said...

Good tips--gestational diabetes is a serious condition for many women. Diet is an important part of managing diabetes, but it should be combined with exercise as well. Again, good post on a very important topic.

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