Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Time to eat? Got Stomach Pain? Eat Bread or Banana

All of us may have already suffered from stomach pain or the burning feeling. This discomfort on the upper part of the abdomen is called gastritis. This is usually caused by stress, excessive alcohol and caffeine, too much smoking and others.There are medicines that you can easily take in this kind of situation, but did you know that there are ways to prevent this burning feeling? that you may want to try just in case the medicine cabinet is out of reach?

1. Try to always eat on time. And or those small frequent meals. For example, eat breakfast around 7am in the morning, Try to eat banana around 10am. Eat lunch but not too much. Try to eat bread around 4 pm. Eat dinner by 7pm . Even if you are the busiest person in the world, Don't forget to take care of your tummy and eat on time.

2. Drink water.. but not to the point that you drown yourself. Water plays a good role in cleaning our stomach. You could try to drink just enough water every 20 minutes.

3. Banana is like the best fruit for me. And in this kind of situation bananas and breads could also help you. Aside from its convenience( you could easily bring bananas anywhere). It solves your hunger and it won't mess with your tummy.

4. Avoid spicy food. Such as chili peppers, vinegar, and even pure pineapple juice and frozen drinks might also irritate your stomach. Before you grab some medicine try to eat some food that can help calm your tummy. Like bananas, breads, veggies. And while eating try to relax yourself as well. And of course if symptoms persist you gotta see your doctor.


Mrs. Kolca said...

oh, i have the best Banana Bread Recipe.. try it :D

Clueless said...

Great advice. Affirms that I'm doing it right.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What great tips. I love bananas and eat them each morning with my cereal. i like the idea of carrying them around for snacks. I always carry water with me so a banana would be great as well. Good post and thanks for sharing your info.

Catherine said...

Interesting adivce!

Rossel said...

my family loves banana. it's a good fruit. thanks for these tips.

happy new year! may you have a fruitful 2010, dear!


Great!!! I had no knowledge of this and I love it! Thank you!

EMR said...

Water cleanses the system yes.I have many fruits at intervals to keep my hunger away from meals.Banana is a very quick and wholesome intake...what about the calories gained?

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