Friday, September 4, 2009

Babies get Stressed too

It seems the babies in ads for baby products are always happy and smiling. In reality babies don't smile all the time and are not always joyful. Irritability is the characteristic of almost every little kid. They experience anxiety and foremost babies cry, causing a lot of ruckus.

A baby doesn't make a concerted effort to cry. It is the instinctive response to the infant's sensation of being hungry, in pain or afraid. When a baby senses any of these things it inhales suddenly and then exhales with enough force to vibrate the vocal cords producing a sound commonly known as a "cry".

A crying baby certainly demands our attention. Most everyone will turn to look at a baby crying. The babies cry works when the mom or baby-sitter comes to comfort it and give it much needed attention.

For as long as there have been babies there have been parents soothing and caring for them. The four most successful and popular techniques for dealing with a fussy baby are listed below:

A fussy baby can be calmed by rocking back and forth (rhythmic motion). Singing and talking softly and calmly to a crying baby can help settle them down. You can also try to distract a fussy baby using visual cues. This means that you draw the babies attention to something colorful or interesting. This article answers how to handle, cradle and carry an unhappy baby. A baby's cry is natural, just as comforting the baby also comes naturally.

In addition, the suckling activity soothes a fussy infant. Babies do not necessarily require nourishment when they suckle. Think about a pacifier. If a newborn baby is upset or cranky, try swaddling it. The mother's womb is a custom fit, and the infant delighted in it. A simple thing like tightly bundling up a baby will make him feel comfortable and he will stop fussing at least for awhile. If you are unsuccessful with one method, like rocking the baby, move on to another method. Use different methods when attempting to comfort your fussy infant.


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