Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Way to Detox our Liver

Actually there is no exact way to detox our liver, because its always different from person to another person, it depends on how you want to do it, and your way of life. But here some useful tips on how to detox our liver, its going to involve looking at diet, particular nutrition supplementation, herbal remedies, and of course lifestyle the way we live our life. In terms of using all those four strategies, we get a synergy or just like approach to detoxifying the liver and the entire body for that matter as oppose in just picking out one magic remedy, we get the synergy of all four of those items. So the thing to think about in terms of detoxing our liver, is bile flow, so the liver makes bile and the gall bladder stores it. Now bile is the way that toxins can leave the body, that's how they leave the system through the bile to our bile movements, certain toxins will grabbed on to that bile and the bile will grabbed on those toxins through the bile movements. So that's the thing to think about on detoxing our liver, so if we want to cleanse the liver, we must keep the bile moving.

One of the easiest way to do that is to corporate bitter taste into our diet. There are many herbs that are bitter in nature like gentian, artichoke leaf. For diet we can add bitter greens into our daily intake of vegetables so bitter greens are like dandelion, winter cress, garlic mustard and leafy greens that can facilitate the movements of bile. Another thing is stay hydrated a key part on cleansing the liver. And last as much as possible avoid toxins so things like sugar, artificial ingredients, MSG, saturated fats, and alcohol must be consumed in moderation.


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