Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Water therapy beats Headache

No man can say he/she didn't experience a headache in his/her lifetime, all of us has suffered from different kinds of headaches. One of mankind most common paint is headache. I actually I have experience headache from the past few days because of unpredictable weather. Headache are usually a symptom of some underlying disorder rather than a disease itself. It can be a result of alcohol or dietary abuse, or an early signs or symptoms of a upcoming health condition.

Tension Headache

Commonly a tension headache is from stressful situation. This headache is caused by the contracting of the muscles in the neck and shoulders. And some of us can't find a comfortable position, whether to sit or lying down, our head and shoulder aches. Early in tension headaches, tight muscles usually respond to the application of moist heat packs. But some small tender nodules, or trigger points in the neck and shoulder muscles, requires a special attention. A great massage can fixed this problem. Stretching and strengthening exercises repeated 3 or 4 times a week for several weeks will bring complete relief. Tension producing factors must be eliminated. Try to changes your lifestyle and attitude , have a daily exercise program and proper rest. As soon as possible or its only a mild headache don't use medication (pain killers, tranquilizers) because they are all temporary relief. If sleeplessness is associated with the tension headache, try a lukewarm bath for 10 to 15 minutes before going to bed a soaking bath is better than a shower. Try to repeat this simple program every night, you may find it relaxing, and relieves headache.

Vascular Headache

Vascular headache is accompanied by a throbbing and sense of increase pressureeinside the head. It may be painful to move the head. If this is your problem, don't reach for the aspirin bottle for there is a safer or more effective option and available to us. To correct the casue of pain, instead of taking something that only covers it up, try this simple remedy:

  • Find a comfortable chair
  • Fill a container large enough to hold both feet comfortably and deep enough so that if filled with warm water, it reaches nearly to the knees.
  • Then put a folded hand towel wrung out of cold or ice water on the forehead or back of the neck.
  • Within 10 to 15 minutes, relief should come
Don't worry if you become so relaxed that you can take a short nap, if you perspire end the treatment with a short, soothing warm shower.

This two types of headache are the headache we almost experience everyday. Fortunately they respond well to water treatments, which may be also combined with massage. That's why there are many spa's popping everywhere because water therapy and massage therapy are good natural ways to beat headaches.


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