Friday, July 10, 2009

Cholesterol Foods High's and Low's

Some of us really don't know how much cholesterol we consume on every food that we eat, sometimes its too late to know. Would you like to know which foods contains the most cholesterol, and therefore should seldom be eaten, or eaten at all. The following list of common foods with their cholesterol content recorded in milligrams/100 grams (3.5 ounces) of food:

High Cholesterol Foods = Cholesterol MGS%/100 Grams

Brain = 2000
Egg yolks (x6) = 1500
Kidney = 375
Liver = 300
Butter = 250
Oyster = 200
Lobster = 200
Crab meat = 125
Shrimp = 125
Cream cheese = 120

Moderate Cholesterol Foods = Cholesterol MGS%/100 Grams

Yellow cheese = 100
Lard, animal fat = 95
Whipping cream = 85
Beef = 70
Fish = 70
Pork = 70
Chicken = 60
Ice cream = 45

Low Cholesterol Foods = Cholestero lMGS%/100 Grams

Cottage cheese (4% fat) = 15
Milk, whole = 11
Milk, skim = 3
Egg whites = 0
Fruits = 0
Grains (rice, wheat, oats corn, millet) = 0
Nuts = 0
Vegetables = 0

Health authorities recommend that aperson eat no more than 250 mg. cholesterol per day (equivallent to 1 egg yolk). This list will give you ideas on how to select foods in order to eat healthfully. By eating only the low cholesterol foods, you will have a well balanced, hearty, and delicious diet with wonderfull variety as well. You can eat sometime the medium cholesterol foods, but at least avoid high cholesterol foods. So start estbalishing good eating habits for more healthier life.


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