Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quick Facts: Breast Feeding Benefits

Breast-feeding is very healthy for both mother and baby. While breast-feeding protects the baby against various illnesses and provides excellent nutrition, it also has many benefits for the mother:
  • Breast-feeding creates the vital emotional bond between the mother and the baby.
  • Women who breast-feed have a lower incidence of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • Breast-feeding mothers are less likely to become obese or develop calcium problems later in life.
  • New studies suggest that breast-feeding may help lower blood pressure.


Shelley Penney said...

I agree research is overwhelming that breast milk is best for baby. What does one do about toxic mom passing heavy metals and other toxins on to baby through placenta and breast milk? Do you think Mom should detox before or during pregnancy?

Food for thought.

Lisa said...

hi dropping by here.

Liza said...

I was able to breastfeed my 2 kids but only for a short time.

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