Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have you experience Tremors?

A Tremor is a type of involuntary shaking often most noticeable in the hands but may affect any body part, including the head and voice. There are three main types of tremors. Resting or static tremors occur when your hand or affected body part is at rest. Kinetic and intention tremors occur when you move your hand or affected body part but disappear when it is at rest. Postural tremors occur when you hold your hand or affected body part in a particular position for a period of time. Tremors can happen at any age but are more common in older people. You can develop a tremor from fatigue, stress, anxiety, hunger, even rage. An ongoing tremor not related to a change in your emotional state may signal an underlying medical condition, thyroid problem, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and should be evaluated.

Here are some useful tips for people who experiencing tremors:
  • For tremors caused by stress, try relaxation techniques like meditation, deep relaxation, or breathing exercises.
  • For tremors caused by medication, consult your doctor about stopping the drug, reducing dosage or switching medications. Do not change or stop medications on your own.
  • For tremors caused by alcohol abuse seek treatment to help you avoid alcohol.
  • For tremors of any cause, get enough sleep.
Call your doctor if you observe any of the following:

Tremors that worsen at rest but are relieved by activity.
Severe tremors that interfere with activity
Tremors that that occur with other symptoms (headache, weakness, abnormal tongue motion, other hypes of involuntary movements).


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